Market Performance Report - JULY 2022

  • Tight supply conditions and strong end-user demand continue to drive increasing used equipment values in both the retail and auction markets.


Automation (Operatior Interface Panels) was by far the most demanded category of all in the last month of A and will continue to be our strongest category. This data is based on the number of buying enquiries across our platform.

Category Avg Sold Value
Electrical > Electric Motors > AC Motors $386
Automation & Controls > Motor Drives > AC VFD Drives $1381
Automation & Controls > HMIs and Displays > Operator Interface Panels $1668
Automation & Controls > PCB Circuit Boards $393
Instrumentation > Pressure Measurement > Pressure Transmitters > Differential Pressure Transmitters $599
Automation & Controls > PLC and DCS Modules > Controller Modules $686
Hydraulic > Hydraulic Pumps > Hydraulic Piston Pumps $7500
Electrical > Power Supplies and Power Converters > AC to DC Power Supplies $260
Electrical > Relays, Timers and Counters > Other Relays $272
Electrical > Circuit Breakers > Molded Case Circuit Breakers $248

Higest STR
Average STR

This past month was a record one for NRI INDUSTRIAL, by any measure. Positive price trends across all sectors were reported, while NRI PARTS records high total sales, active users, and overall sales prices.



% of sales & average sold value by top brands

Brands Avg Item Value % Total
ALLEN BRADLEY $289 7.25%
SIEMENS $204 2.07%
OMRON $299 2.01%
ABB $466 2.01%

By enhancing transparency in the supply chain in this fashion, you're enabling your business to analyze product requirements and take proactive steps to prevent shortages. It also brings more efficiency to your operations by allowing you to analyze your assets more closely, which generates the most important advantage of all: giving you a genuine chance to optimize your operations in all areas, including planning, resourcing, and even implementation.

Any step that allows you to do any of those things - let alone all of them at the same time - is one worth taking, which is why asset recovery must become part of the very DNA of your supply chain process moving forward.


For nearly two decades, the team at NRI Industrial Sales has been helping companies all over the world liquidate and manage their surplus MRO and obsolete parts, along with other capital equipment, through direct purchase and consignment. Our solutions are designed to be turnkey and minimize the impact on your day to day operations while at the same time maximizing the value of your surplus MRO and spare parts.

Whether you are looking for a quick solution to sell your surplus inventory such as our equipment purchasing solution or, you wish to maximize your recover value but remove your surplus inventory from your warehouse with our consignment solutions, we have the right approach to help your organization through our consignment program or our inventory purchasing solution.


Message from our CEO


    “Managing surplus and obsolete MRO is NRI’s specialty. NRI understands the roadblocks and pain points that businesses encounter surrounding a lack of visibility around their inventory. We have the unique ability to provide complete visibility into a Client’s inventory across the organization. We can offer our clients a multi-faceted asset recovery solution that focuses on maximizing their return on assets and providing a streamlined process for managing and storing surplus equipment."

    August 15, 2022

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