Decommissioning Case Study

Decommissioning & Salvage Operation for Pharmaceutical company

Our client

Project Type: Decommissioning
Industry: Pharmaceutical

Our client provides pharmacy benefit management services, such as automated prescription fufillment services.

In an effort to rebalance its resources, our client opted to close its Las Vegas facility. Once the facility was sold to a third party, our client required an industrial asset firm capable of decommissioning its 80,000 square foot multi-story facility within a three-month timeframe.

After our client sold its building and property to a third party, it required an industrial asset firm capable of decommissioning and salvaging its 80,000 square foot multi-story facility in less than three months.

Our Client's challenge

Prior to engaging with NRI, the client listed out 3 problems they wanted to address:

Challenge #1

Apart from clearing the facility of all production machinery, equipment and office furniture, the project required:

  • Maintaining essential building services, such as security and fire systems
  • Destroying all proprietary equipment
  • Salvaging select equipment and systems for resale or redeployment

Challenge #2

The project required a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) to evaluate how to safely perform each individual task the decommissioning required. Through the process we learned that hot work could be eliminated by dismantling and unbolting equipment.

Challenge #3

Since our client had already sold the facility, the project timeline was limited to three months:

  • One month for assets sales
  • Two months for dismantling

How we helped

We committed to: 1) securing the maximum return on assets; 2) safely decommissioning and preparing its facility for resale; and 3) completing the project within a three-month timeframe.

1. To safely complete the project within a three-month time, NRI Industrial:

  • Drafted a comprehensive Work Execution Plan (WEP) outlining the exact methodology and timeframe for the work to be completed.
  • Completed a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) process for all primary tasks
  • Eliminated the need for hot work by dismantling or unbolting all equipment

2. To secure our client the maximum return on assets, within the specified timeframe, we provided:

  • A purchase value for any production equipment, machinery and parts that would not be retained by our client
  • A purchase value for any scrap or recyclable commodities generated from the decommissioning activities
  • Utilized a combination of direct sales and online auction services to expedite equipment sales

The results

After leveraging our expertise, our client:

More Speed

Project completed as per scope and within 14 week timeframe

More Security

Zero reported safety incidents, and zero man-hours lost

More Space

30 truckloads of equipment shipped off-site

More Satisfaction

Building inspection was satisfactory for its new owners