Decommissioning Case Study

Decommissioning & salvage operation for large food & beverage company

Our client

Project Type: Decommissioning
Industry: Food Processing

Our client provides a variety of agricultural services including, but not limited to, food and beverage production and distribution.

When our client opted to cease operations at its facility, it required an industrial asset recovery firm that could safely decommission a historical landmark and maximize value on sellable assets.

Our client is one of the largest privately-held compaies in the world. Select operations were based out of a historical landmark. Since the facility shaped its municipality’s development, our client was restricted from expanding and found it difficult to distribute product. When transfering production to a newer facility, our client opted to decommission its facility.

Our Client's challenge

Prior to engaging with NRI, the client listed out 3 problems they wanted to address:

Challenge #1

Apart from removing production equipment and machinery, the project required:

  • Relocating select equipment
  • Destroying proprietary equipment
  • Remediating chemicals and ingredient in the piping, holding tanks and production equipment

Challenge #2

Some parts of the facility still dated back to its construction in the 1800s. To adhere to the floor’s load restrictions, the decommissioning project required a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) to evaluate how to safely perform each individual task the decommissioning required.

Challenge #3

Since our client wanted to sell the facility after its closure, the project required:

  • Removal of production-related electrical infrastructure
  • Removal of process piping
  • Ensuring the building was in ‘broom swept’ condition

How we helped

To secure our client the maximum return on assets, we provided:

1. A purchase value for any production equipment, machinery and parts that would not be retained by our client

2. A purchase value for any scrap or recyclable commodities generated from the decommissioning activities

3. Access to seven countries’ used and surplus industrial equipment and machinery markets

The results

After leveraging our expertise, our client:

More Value

We were able to recover $1.5 MIL in assets

More Security

6 month full decommissioning project with 0 safety incidents

More Space

1,500 tons of scrap were shipped off site