Consignment Case Study

Industrial Consignment Services for valve & parts distributor

Our client

Project Type: Consignment
Industry: Equipment Distributor

Our client is an industrial equipment and parts distributor servicing the Midwestern United States. Their inventory primarily consists of valves and automation components for a wide range of industrial businesses.

After restructuring their operations, much of our client’s assets became surplus or idle to their needs.

Our client was inundated with a large quantity of surplus and idle assets. They sought an asset management solution that could provide the resources required to sell, transport and store these assets, while providing the maximum return on assets.

Types of equipment sold on behalf of client

Our Client's challenge

Prior to engaging with NRI, the client listed out 3 problems they wanted to address:

Challenge #1

Our clients surplus and idle inventory consisted of valves and automation components for a wide range of industries, including chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, landfill, wastewater refining, food processing, hydrocarbon processing.

Challenge #2

Since our client’s inventory was housed in multiple locations across the Midwestern United States, they required an asset recovery firm that could coordinate and manage the logistics of transporting the equipment.

Challenge #3

As the restructuring was ongoing, our client required an industrial asset firm that could process their equipment on an ongoing and inconsistent basis.

How we helped

We offered our client a multi-faceted asset recovery solution that focused on maximizing their return on assets and providing a streamlined process for managing and storing their surplus equipment. This included:

1. A no-cost valuation on surplus and idle assets to provide the client a clear picture onasset’s second market value

2. A sales solution focused on consignment services to maximize exposure and reduce turnaround times

3. A streamlined logistics process for managing surplus, including logistics, transport and off-site storage

The results

After leveraging our expertise, our client:

More Speed

Streamlined transport & storage of equipment

More Value

Processed and prepared more than 2,100 SKUs for resale

More Space

Was provided off-site storage for more than 27,000 pieces of equipment