Auctions & Liquidations

NRI's turn-key auction services focus on minimizing the impact on your operations -
letting you focus on your core business.

Our business is simplifying asset recovery

Auctions are one of the most powerful ways to recover capital from surplus industrial assets in a short time frame. The open bidding process allows a business to recover fair market value while maintaining full transparency throughout the selling process.

Our turn-key auction solutions are designed to simplify what can sometimes be an overwhelming process, and take the uncertainty out of selling with auctions.

Minimize the impact on your operations

Maximize exposure for your assets

Get full support throughout the process

Our Marketing Expertise Makes The Difference

Our ultimate goal is to find a home for your equipment - so we make every effort to bring the right buyers to purchase your equipment. Our marketing approaches include:

Email Marketing

Print Advertising

PPC Marketing

Inside Sales

Social Media

Search Engine Optimization

Press Releases

Marketing Partners

The real work starts after the sale!

The Challenge

A poorly planned asset removal strategy can become a major liability for the seller. Unorganized and unqualified removal can result in personnel safety incidents, theft or environmental contamination.

The Solution

Our promise to our clients is uncompromising support throughout the sale process - part of the NRI's auction services includes safe, qualified and timely removal of all sold assets from your facility. All asset dismantling and removal work is managed and conducted by trained and experienced NRI staff and vetted contractors. We leave your site in a broom-swept, OSHA safe condition- ready for redeployment. To learn more about our Contractor Qualifications, please click here.

Steps we take to minimize the impact on your operation

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